Summer School Funding

In the last week of the summer holidays we hosted our BSCA Summer School for our new Year 7s.

As a school we decided that we would love to offer a summer school before the government initiative was even introduced. We felt that Year 7 had missed out on so much over the last 2 years that the week could provide them with lots of missed opportunities.

Our overall costings for the week were:

Staffing cost £5,236.26
Food was £2,031
Materials £3,027.34
Agencies brought in £2,636.51

Total: £12,931.11


Our Summer School 2021

BSCA Summer School was a celebration of our Academy values, an introduction to the high expectations we have at BSCA. Our four school values are very important to us at BSCA, and we invest a lot of time into ensuring students understand the benefits of these, and the different ways they can be displayed through their actions.

BSCA-ValuesBubbles-Banner-Aug21 v1.jpg

Summer School was seen as the start of year 7s journey into secondary school and it provided them with an opportunity to meet some of their new teachers, make some new friends, get used to the school building, understand our expectations, and gain some lifetime memories as they take part in the activities.

We invited the whole year group which was 130 students. 77 students accepted a place on our Summer school. Every day we had between 66-68 students attend. This was between 22-27 PP eligible students making up the group each day.

Every day we followed the same schedule, with the exception of Friday when the sessions were slightly shorter, so we could include an awards presentation at the end of the week.

8.30am – 9am – Arrival and Breakfast

9am – 9.15am – RISE

9.30am – 11am – Session 1

11am – 11.15am – Break

11.15am – 12.45pm – Session 2

12.45pm – 1.30pm – Lunch

1.30pm – 3pm – Session 3

3pm – 3.15pm – End of day and Dismissal

Students were split into three groups, named after three of our values, and they attended three sessions per day.

Sessions Taking Place Each Day:

  • Arrival and Breakfast – Each morning, toast and fruit was served along with a drink.
  • RISE – Every morning during the school year, the day starts with RISE, and so we wanted to introduce this at Summer School. RISE gives opportunity to recognise great achievements from the previous day, inspire students to do their best, support them to get there and engage with all the opportunities BSCA has to offer.
  • Lunch – A grab bag lunch consisting of a sandwich, crisps, fruit, biscuit and drink was served each day.
  • End of Day and Dismissal – At the end of each day, we recapped the day’s activities and looked at what was coming up the next day. We also rewarded one child every day from each of the groups who had achieved their excellence that day. They received a hot chocolate pack. Students also left every day with a drink and chocolate bar to celebrate a great day.  


  • Manchester United Foundation Session – We are a partner school of the Manchester United Foundation, and so each day the team led by Holly Espie led a session. This involved football, dodgeball and team games.
  • Art – Students worked on a collaborative art project that will be displayed in school. They all worked on a different colour to create a whole collage of work.
  • Army – The Army Engagement Team worked out on our astroturf and led sessions based on teamwork and how to support each other.


  • Author Visit – The author of the Vampirates series, Justin Somper, led a workshop on Vampirates Academy. All the students became an author creating new ideas and questioning Justin on his techniques. All students left with a signed copy of the first Vampirates book.  
  • Medical Mavericks – This was a fantastic fun session, led by the Medical mavericks Team. They brought in real medical and sports science equipment, and students got to look at what happens during accidents and operations. A real favourite was the ultrasound machine. This was not your usual science class!


  • Cooking Class – Students attended a cookery lesson taught by our food technology teacher. They learnt how to create a chocolate bread and how to decorate it. They even had time to eat this yummy treat. We hope they have recreated it at home for their family.
  • Octagon Workshop – The team from the Octagon Theatre, Bolton, came into school and led a workshop based on our school values. Believe, Strive, Care and Achieve. There were also lots of fun activities and team building games.


  • Engineering – Following our school engineering curriculum at BSCA we showed students how to design a room using architectural drawings.
  • Street Dance / TikTok Workshop – We had 2 fantastic dancers join us who have travelled the world and made a career out of dancing. They taught our students a routine and they got to create their own dance masterpiece. We even made our own Tik Tok dances.

On the last day we finished earlier so that we could have a celebration event. Over the course of the week students had a passport that every time they met one of our values throughout the day, they gained a stamp. Every day they were counted up and we kept a running total of their scores. On Friday the scores were counted and we gave away prizes dependent on their total scores. Every child left with a certificate and a prize. We also gave every child on their first day a work ready pack which included everything they needed for their start in secondary school.

The top prize for the competition was a PS4, which was won by Isaac Adrees.

Second and Third prize was a tablet which went to Tiaria Squires and Abigail Ellis.

Prizes after that included; wireless ear pods, fitness watches, Bluetooth speakers, sports equipment, Manchester United kit, craft kits, books, games and many more items.

Here's what our students thought about Summer School:


Cameron Platt.PNGCameron Platt from our own BSCA Primary School and now in Year 7:
"I thought Summer School was great because if you showed our school values you got a prize of a hot chocolate off the Head Teacher. My favourite part was all of it as it was all fun."

Eccles, Tobias.PNGTobias Eccles from Harwood Meadows CP School and now in our Year 7:
"The best part of Summer School was when I let another student sit with us, so they had a friend. It was great to make new friends. I personally loved the PE activities."

Sillah, Fatoumatta.PNGFatoumatta Sillah, all the way from Colville Primary School and now in our Year 7:
"Summer School was really fun, I especially enjoyed the Manchester United activities and I have now joined the girls football team. I really enjoyed the team building activities with the army."

Webber, Scarlett.PNGScarlett Webber from Red Lane Primary School and now in our Year 7:
"My favourite part of summer school was Medical Mavericks. It was real life instruments and I learnt so much. I won a fitness watch for my hard work and efforts in the week, which was amazing."


Prize Giving (3).JPG Prize Giving (4).JPG Prize Giving (5).JPG Prize Giving (6).JPG