Secondary September Admission Arrangements

How to apply for a Year 7 Place

In common with other local secondary schools, Bolton St Catherine’s Academy will work within Bolton local authority’s admission arrangements: .

There will be a total of 150 places for boys and girls moving from primary to secondary school. All applications for 150 Year 7 places will be considered. Where less than 150 applications have been received, places will be offered to all those who applied.

Timetable for admissions:


The Academy will provide opportunities for parents to visit.


Application forms need to be completed and returned to Bolton local authority which sends all the applications to the Academy.


Offer letters are sent to parents

31st March

Deadline for appeals

Oversubscription Criteria:

After the admission of students with a statement of special educational needs, in whose statement the Academy is named, the criteria will be applied in the order set out below:

1. Children in Public Care (Looked After Children) who are the subject of a full care order.

2. Other children who are considered as “vulnerable” whose application for the Academy is supported by the Assistant Director for Social Care. This will include;

a. Children for whom there is a child protection plan or has been within a 12 month period.

b. Children who have had a period in care within 2 years of the admission application and are still receiving social care services.

c. Children who are considered to be at significant risk of becoming looked after.

d. Children who are living in temporary accommodation due to fleeing violence and the area for rehousing has been identified

3. Children who will have older siblings in years 7 to 11 of the Academy at the date of admission. Siblings can include full, step, half, foster and adopted brothers and sisters living at the same address.

4. Children who suffer from some medical condition or disability, which makes it better for them to attend the Academy rather than another school. Places will only be offered under this criterion if the child has a certified medical condition with strong professional supporting evidence confirming that existing exceptional problems with the child’s health would be seriously exacerbated if a place were not made at the Academy.

5. Proximity (Where you live). Shortest walking distance to the Academy minus shortest walking distance to the nearest/next nearest school. The nearest/next nearest school will include all community, voluntary-controlled, foundation and academy schools whether in the Bolton Borough or not.

  • In the event of a tie-break situation priority will be given to the child who has the longer journey to the nearest/next nearest school.

  • The shortest walking route will be that determined by the Academy using public rights of way recognised within the measuring system only. This will be measured using Routefinder, a computerised mapping system which uses the ordnance survey integrated network which measures from the point on the highway nearest to the centre of the home property and the designated main entrance to the Academy. In the event of a tie-break within a block of flats those living furthest from the communal entrance will be given priority.

  • Where a single place remains at the Academy and the application being considered is for twins (etc.) the Academy will allocate above the admission number to accommodate each child. 

Where the Academy receives more applications for places than there are places, a waiting list will operate until a month after the admission date.

The waiting list will be compiled using the published oversubscription criteria. As no distinction will be made between applications received on time and late applications, the waiting list will remain fluid.

A child’s position on the waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. Where places become vacant they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with this.

Please see our Admissions Policies for further information.