Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience Week is Monday 1st July 2019 – Friday 5th July 2019

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WHY should you take part in Work Experience?

At Bolton St Catherine's Academy, we would like you our students to get a taste of the world of work through work experience. The work environment is key to motivating you to succeed and progress. It is important that students get the full experience of a real work environment external to an educational institution, in order to be work-ready and experience external to the educational institution can bring. We would like this experience to be with an external employer, external to the learning environment and at an external site.

Most employers, training providers and universities are looking to recruit students with some experience of work. This may not be in the specific field for which they will eventually go into employment, however they do want students to have experienced a work place and the benefits that accompany that placement.

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Work-experience greatly enriches the curriculum and it enables students to prepare for adult and working life in a controlled environment. Work-experience is a valuable and rewarding learning experience, gained in a real working environment.  It offers a taste of what 'working life' is all about and provides the opportunity to develop personal skills, increase self-esteem and raise self-confidence.

Students are strongly encouraged to find their own work experience placement, so that it may be in an area of interest to them, however help with finding a suitable placement will be available should it be needed. All placements must hold Employer's Liability Insurance which needs to be enquired when liaising with the placement. Placements will be checked for Health & Safety and Safeguarding by Tailored Education Ltd.

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Further information and supporting documents

Letter to Parents/Carers

Information Booklet

Placement Form

Medical Form