Coronavirus Information

Latest news - message for all parents from Mrs Lucas - 24th November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you know we have had a flurry of bubble closures in the last few weeks. The local data suggest Breightmet North and Little Lever still have numbers of cases increasing.

I know we are all suffering from a little bit of "lockdown fatigue" however, it is only through your continued support in ensuring the students are self-isolating in their homes that means we are able to keep students in school full time without having to be sent home again.

Self-isolating is so important and helps us protect your family, friends, the wider community and the NHS. When students are sent home to self-isolate it means that they MUST STAY AT HOME throughout their isolation and CANNOT go to school, go shopping, socialise, go to appointments or visit any public area.

As such, as part our school protocols when we close a bubble, we inform the local police so they know that certain year groups should not be out of their houses. I am disappointed that at the weekend three of our students, who should have been self-isolating in their homes, were picked up by the local policing team who have fed this information back to school.

This is a very small number so once again many thanks to you all for continuing to support us all by ensuring that the students do self-isolate in their homes.

Many thanks

Rachael Lucas


Latest news - message for Year 8 parents from Mrs Lucas - 24th November 2020

Good Afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well. I would like to thank all the parents who have supported their offspring over the last week with their remote learning. We know this is a difficult time for all and your support is appreciated greatly.

As you may or not may know, Miss Pollard who has been our Acting Head of Year covering the maternity leave for Miss Fairclough has started her training to be a member of the police force as a Detective. We wish her all the very best and thank her for her hard work. Miss Fairclough is due to start back with us in January. That leaves us with a month to cover and I am delighted to announce that Mr Vale will be stepping up as a temporary Head of year until Ms Fairclough returns in the new year.

If you need to contact Mr Vale his email is

Of course, Ms Butler as Head of Key Stage 3 is still with us-

Kind regards

Rachael Lucas


Latest news - Confirmed case of COVID in Year 9 - 21st November


All Year 9 parents - click here for the full letter:

Direct_Close Contact - Advice to All Year 9 Parents - Single case - 21st November 2020


All other Secondary parents - click here for the full letter:

All Secondary - Advice to All Parents - Single case - 21st November 2020


Latest news - Confirmed case of COVID in Year 5 and 6 - 18th November


All Year 5 and 6 parents - click here for the full letter:

Direct and Close Contact - Advice to All Year 5 and 6 Parents - 18th November 2020


All other Primary parents - click here for the full letter:

All Primary - Advice to All Parents - Single case - 18th November 2020





Latest news - Monday 2nd November

Dear All,

As you are aware new government instructions come into place tomorrow, further tightening the restrictions already in place in relation to COVID for the whole of England.

Schools will remain open and we all have a personal responsibility to comply with the rules in place to ensure the risk to others’ is minimised, and that we do not contribute to the virus spreading in our schools and the wider community. This means following strict social distancing guidance and hygiene procedures at all times, both in school and at home. The impact on students and staff that are required to self-isolate has major implications for all of us, and significantly puts at risk our ability to operate safely.


The revised guidance may be found below, and in summary means the following:

  1. Requiring people to stay at home, except for specific purposes i.e. attending school.

  2. Preventing gathering with people you do not live with, except for specific purposes – this means unless you have formed a support bubble in line with the strict guidelines you must not meet up with anyone from another household.

  3. Closing certain businesses and venues.


I know that we have been under extra restrictions for a long time and another month of lock down feels a difficult prospect. We know that our children thrive best when in school and we must support one another for the benefit of keeping our school provision open.


Remember - ‘Hands. Face. Space.’:

  • Hands – wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds
  • Face – wear a face covering in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult, and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet
  • Space – stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place (such as wearing face coverings or increasing ventilation indoors)


Many thanks for your continued support.


Mrs Lucas



Latest news - 12th October 2020

We have received a letter and new guidance from Bolton Council for parents and carers.

Please click here for a link to the full letter - Bolton Council - Letter to parents and carers about self isolation - 9th October 2020

Here's just a snippet from the letter:

People who are asked to self-isolate have been identified as a 'direct' or 'close' contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Self-isolation is one of the most important measures to help reduce the spread of the virus. Self-isolating means that the person (or people) identified stay at home. The only people that they will come in to contact with will be other people in their household. A person self-isolating must not:

  • leave the house
  • go to childcare / school / out of school provision
  • attend sports clubs (to watch, train or play)
  • go shopping
  • go with parents to pick siblings up from school
  • go out with friends or family members
  • visit places of worship or religious observance

Please see below for the Bolton Councils Covid-19 (coronavirus) absence: A quick guide for parents/carers



Covid 19 Advice for Parents in Bolton-page-001.jpg

Covid 19 Advice for Parents in Bolton-page-002.jpg

Tobin, Anna.jpg

If you have any safeguarding concerns please do not hesitate to contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead Anna Tobin -

Mobile: 07850308896


COVID Measure from 3rd September 2020


Parent letter with latest guidance

Covid-19 BSCA Risk Assessment

First day back arrangements

First day back arrangements for Primary

Director of Public Health Letter


Parents have asked for some clarification about the following issues:


  • Students arriving after 9 am to use the Stitch-Mi-Lane entrance.
  • Year 9 arriving late after 9.15 to use the Stitch-Mi-Lane entrance.

Weather during lunch time

If the weather is inclement we will have spaces available within the bubbles for students to eat their packed lunches inside.

The reasons we are asking students with packed lunches to eat outside is due to:

  • outside is the safest place for students to be
  • there is plenty of space for students to eat and still social distance
  • there is limited space in the dining room
  • if classrooms were used for lunch breaks all the time, they would have to be prepared and cleaned before they could eat in there and then again before the lessons started. This would reduce students lunch break, and require staff to be employed to supervise and clean the rooms. There wouldn't be enough teachers and teaching support staff to do this on a daily basis as they wouldn't get a lunch break, which could contravene working time regulations.  

Navigating round the site

Students are to follow the coloured markings to enter school. No one to be allowed onto school before 8.15am:

  • Year 7 and 8 - Orange
  • Year 9 and 10 - Green
  • Year 11 - Yellow
  • Year 13 to use Stitch-Mi-Lane entrance.

Cash on-site

Students will not be able to use the cash loaders. Parents need to register on the on-line payment system Tucasi SCOPay.


Students need to bring a bag to carry their equipment and have their equipment with them at all times. We can not loan out equipment.


Primary students do not have to wear masks, however, this is optional and if you wish your child to wear one, they can.

Secondary students must wear masks whilst travelling around school, therefore must bring one to school with them a clear plastic bag that that can be sealed i.e. sandwich bag. Wearing masks in school is following government guidance, and what all schools will need to adhere to. 

Asthma UK guidance states that Asthma sufferers are fine to wear masks. If you have any concerns please contact your child's Head of Year.