We have had a Facebook page for a couple of years now and its popularity and reach is growing. Facebook's own statistics tell us that:-

  • 76% of our fans are women and 23% are men
  • Our fans live in 14 countries with most of you being in the UK and then you are spread all over the world from Sierra Leone to Canada to Iraq to Poland. We even know which town or city you are in.
  • You speak 8 different languages (maybe more) including French and Catalan as well as both English (UK) and English (US)
  • Our fans look at our page throughout the day – from getting up at 6am then steadily through the day with the most views being around 9pm in the evening.
  • Our ‘Remembrance Service’ post had the highest ‘Reach’ we have ever had, over 3,700 people saw this. Whilst, the helicopter visit organised by Lt Sophie Butterworth from the Royal navy and Mrs Leese had over 1,900 views.
  • 11% of our fans are between 13 – 17years of age, 14% between 18 – 24 years, 26% between 25 – 34 years, and finally 3% are over 55.

If you have a Facebook page and have not liked us, do please take a look and like us. We are sure you will learn a lot more about our #lifeoflearning and you can keep up to date with the Academy