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Thirteen members of the ‘Golden Oldies’ who range from 67 to 87 years old, and meet three times a week at ‘Meadowside’ in Tonge Moor visited Bolton St Catherine’s Academy on 3rd December for a very special lunch.

The Year 13 and Year 9 Hospitality classes devised a very special Christmas lunch menu for them, then had the responsibility of ordering the food and checking the delivery before they could even start to prepare and cook the special Christmas Dinner. Year 13 started the preparations with the turkey, two huge birds were jointed with precision and the bones boiled for stock – tasty gravy ahead. This was rolled and stuffed with chestnut stuffing and the breast dressed for roasting. Under the eye of Mr Reynard crème patisserie was made and cooled ready for Mr Davies to direct operations for the making of the individual Christmas pudding ice creams.

On the day Year 9 came bright and early to decorate tables, peel and chop vegetables, make fruit coulis and painstakingly prepare the oranges for decoration.

As half past 11 drew close the young chefs became quite nervous as they awaited the arrival of the guests. The ‘Golden Oldies’ arrived to be totally impressed at the decorated table even before lunch arrived. The students serving brought in bowls of steaming hot golden vegetable soup and at that point the praise began. Kieran – our Rotary Club winner patiently carved the turkey and delivered orders to the Year 13’s to make sure they got it right. The kitchen team plated the main course making sure not a drop of gravy was spilt and the hot plates went in next.

Christmas pudding ice-cream followed on with coffee and chocolate mints to follow. By this time the ‘Golden Oldies’ were full of praise for the students, loving every mouthful made for them. They demanded every student on the team went into the dining room so they could thank them personally and congratulate them on the amazing food.

The ‘Golden Oldies’ decided this was the highlight of Christmas 2015 and are secretly hoping they will be invited again SOON………

The students were then left with … the washing up!

Quite an afternoon though