Christian Aid Big Brekkie

Posted on 17th May, 2016

Fond of a fry up? Partial to pancakes? If you share Jesus’ heart for people living in extreme poverty, join us with a Big Brekkie fundraiser.

Jesus calls us to love our neighbours – and not just the people who live next door or down the street.

Miss O'Neill and Miss Issa, both teach RE and are hoping to encourage our secondary students to help fund raise to provide breakfast for those less fortunate in other countries.

Each year group will enjoy breakfast and take part in activities each morning this week and make a small donation to the Big Brekkie

Tuesday 17th Morning: Year 9 Big Breakfast
Wednesday 18th Morning: Year 8 Big Breakfast
Thursday 19th Morning:  Year 10 Big Breakfast
Friday 20th Morning: Year 7 Big Breakfast

Here are some photos of the Big Brekkie this morning with Year 8

           Imagecollage.jpg    collage2.jpg