Exploring other Cultures

Posted on 15th December, 2015


During the term the PLB, Nurture and Year 10 Speech and Language groups have spent many of their lessons learning about diversity and other cultures to help them understand other people’s beliefs and different ways of life. This happened as a result of them discussing current world events and wanting to know more about the ‘hatred’ of some cultures. Miss Patel, worked exceptionally hard with the other teachers to help them learn more. One lesson was about the use of henna and they had chance to decorate hands with henna.

As the students had worked so hard and demonstrated how they had grown as individuals Miss Patel organised with the Council of Mosques a visit to Zakariyya Mosque on Peace Street, Bolton so they could experience for themselves what the inside of a mosque was like and discover more about the Islamic culture.

On Tuesday 15th December Miss Bradburn and Miss Patel ventured out with the students for the visit to the Zakairyya Mosque. As well as being shown the prayer halls and actually seeing ladies praying in the women’s prayer hall they were shown the library, taken to the top of the minaret and were very keen to go into the mortuary when the opportunity was offered to them. That helped then understand why it is seen as essential to hold a funeral so quickly for people with the Islamic faith. Miss Bradburn said how mature they

Elliot from Year 8 said ‘I didn’t know what to expect before I went on the visit but I really enjoyed it.

We wish to thank the Bolton Council of Mosques for their support in making this visit happen.

Next – well Miss Bradburn is now under a great deal of pressure from the group to take them out of the Academy again to experience another different culture.