FutureFirst visit Year 9

Posted on 28th April, 2016

Year 9 students took part in a Careers Workshop led by FutureFirst this week. The workshop was designed to encourage the students to think about the skills that they develop within their subjects at school and how these relate to the working world and particular types of jobs.

 It was a very intense day with lots of activities that left the students deep in thought about their futures .....

Mrs Coffey, the Year 9 Year Leader asked the students about the day and we would love to share their thoughts with you .......


“We learnt about different peoples jobs and how they got to do that type of job role. We also looked at the food industry and were given the opportunity to ask the visitors questions about their jobs” Ellie Holden


“We enjoyed the workshop and learnt that there is more to business and to working in the food industry than we thought “Daniel Brindle and Hayden Calf


“The event really helped me understand what kind of opportunities there are for working within the food industry and how varied and good the roles in this area of work are” Nathaniel Fogarty


“I enjoyed workshop and it was a good opportunity to interact with people who we didn’t know” Amy Morgan

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