Posted on 3rd March, 2016

Mr Pacey and Mr Thomas received an unbelievable sixty five nominations for the award. The award is always about showing your best - your behaviour, your attitude, helping others, setting an example to us all. The winners  each receive a £10 voucher to help them celebrate their success.

Our winners are :-

Laura McGreavy Year 7 - Laura always helps her friends and her behaviour in school is always superb.

Wasan Ghazi Year 11 - Wasan always helps new students arriving at the Academy to settle in and is there for them, regardless of what she is doing

Mrs Hill - always has time for students no matter how busy she is, or what she is doing.


                                   WinnerMarch163.JPG   WinnerMarch162.JPG  WinnerMarch161.JPG

Please don't forget to collect a card to nominate students and staff  for the next award.