Introducing our New Head Boy and Head Girl

Posted on 20th July, 2016

Jack Alston and Niki Farnworth are our new head girl and head boy after going through a rigorous selection process.

The candidates had to apply for the position with an application letter, followed by a formal interview. All the application letters were of a very high standard and the interviews were all excellent making it extremely difficult to decide.

 The other brilliant candidates have been appointed as deputy head boys and girls as follows:

Billy Kendal                                                Alisha Connaughton

Ellie Mojsej                                                Alex Latham

Alisha Pritchard                                         Clarice Greenhalgh

Charlotte Byrne                                         Weronika Jagielska

Rhyce Ramsden                                       Roseline Eze

Bethany Coburn                                        Jasmine Philpott

Emma Leech                                             Anshika Chawla

 Well done to everyone and we all wish you a very successful year ahead

leadstudents.JPG              boygirlsmall.jpg