Let's get BSCA Girls Get Active funded

Posted on 12th April, 2016

Let's get BSCA Girls Get Active funded 

 Our project is to help girls who are totally inactive get fitter by joining a local gym and committing to train at least twice a week.

We did some research to find out how we could increase participation in sport for girls aged 16 to 22 and we found that they much preferred to use local gyms and go to different classes instead of doing team games.

Our problem was finding a way to fund membership of a local gym. It costs £70 to join our closest gym for 6 months but this allows our girls to use the running track, go into the gym anytime during the day, evening or weekend and it also allows them to go to any of the group exercise classes they like.

This means that at weekend and after school the girls can use the gym at a time that suits them and it also allows them to meet their friends there and keep fit together.

Any money you donate to our fund will go towards helping the girls to extend their membership after their initial 6 month period. They are really enjoying being able to use the gym and it is helping their self-image, helping them cope with the pressure of exams and the pressure of being a young adult in general.

There are lots of initiatives in the local area but unfortunately they all cost more than our girls can afford whilst they are still in full time education,

Thank you for taking the time to look at our project, we hope you are able to pledge to support it.