Poems by Robert Burns

Posted on 25th May, 2016

East Ayrshire Council visit BSCA

A team of staff from East Ayrshire Council recently visited the Academy to take a good look at our Academy and its building. East Ayrshire Council have been given an opportunity to design and build a new education campus and came along to look at ours.

Not only did they have the ‘grand tour’ but also heard about the concept we have to help us deliver the highest quality education to our students from the ages of 3 to 19, and offer other opportunities such as the Sports Centre to the local community when we are not using it. They heard about and saw first-hand how everything works and runs, even calling into Firwood School to experience there building and its concept.

To thank the Academy for our hospitality they have placed a copy of reprint of the First Edition of poetry by Robert Burns, who was a native of Ayrshire.

You may take a look at the book by asking the Library staff to show you which shelf it is kept on in the Reference Section.