Reception Class help Tim Peake

Posted on 12th May, 2016

In January British astronaut Tim Peake asked schoolchildren to help him with one of his scientific experiments.

He wants pupils to plant rocket seeds that have been in orbit with him, and compare their growth with rocket plants that have stayed on Earth.

The study will help find ways to grow food in space which will be essential if humans travel to distant planets.

"Conditions here on the International Space Station are quite different from on planet Earth, due to us being weightless here in orbit."

The seeds will be distributed to up to 10,000 schools. Pupils will compare the growth of the space seeds with others that have remained on Earth.

"So the results really will contribute to the science of how to grow plants in space".

Mrs Mearns and Reception applied for some seeds so they could grow them in their classroom and be part of this exciting project.

The children have planted the seeds and are looking after the plants daily. They have counted them and are looking at which ones grow the leaves first.

To help with developing their writing skills they have written letters to Tim Peake updating him on their seeds and watch him in space when he broadcasts back to earth. Some of the children are even following his travels when they are at home by watching when the ISS passes over head on their iPads.

The class are so looking forward to seeing their seeds grow and being part of a huge project to help provide food for everyone in the future


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