Teenage Market

Posted on 23rd May, 2016

Despite the dreadful weather the Girls and Lads Group braved the day to set up their stalls at the Bolton Teenage Market. Both sets of students along with their staff had spent weeks planning and preparing for the day with the Girls Group researching the correct selling prices for their hand-made items and recipe testing for the Lads Group.

Banners for the front of each stall had been ordered and each group had logos for their distinctive ‘hoodies’. So they were ready to wow Bolton.

The day went well even though it rained and Miss Blackburn commented ‘everyone stayed away from the stalls during the major downpours’ and together they sold goods to the value of £419.

Huge thanks go to Miss Platt, Miss Bradburn, Miss Nakhuda and Miss Blackurn with the Girls Group and, Mr Thomas, Mr Pacey and Mr Murphy with the Lads Group. Many staff called to say hello during the day including Mr Rushton who got very wet!, Mrs Christie, Mrs Govier and Miss Knowles.

By the end of the day the students had seen the whole process of running a small business and being a young entrepreneur so now they need to reflect on their next activity.

IMG_2414.JPG  IMG_2416.JPG