Year 12 and 13 Photography Visit

Posted on 7th March, 2016

Miss Tatham took the Years 12 and 13 Photography Group on a visit to Sheppard Robson Architects based in Manchester City Centre. The classes are working on a project 'The Old Building and The New Build' so spent the day looking at the build concept for the new buildings, how the land available was to be utilised and how they found the inspiration for the Academy. Everyone got the opportunity to take in the stunning view of Manchester City centre as they were on the 27th floor - Miss Tatham joking as they arrived the group had to walk upstairs ! 

The groups are now working on the project as part of their classwork and we look forward to seeing their results.


                     12421289_10153273667611604_279732915_n (Small).jpg  12782302_10153273671471604_824366439_n (Small).jpg 12325369_10153273671631604_575072724_n (Small) (2).jpg