Year 1L Get Creative in RE Lessons

Posted on 20th September, 2016

Year 1 Lime and Purple are already showing their creative skills with Mrs Tinsley and Miss Latham and have their work proudly displayed on the walls outside their classrooms.

Following on with 'new beginnings' in Year 1 they are working hard in their RE lessons this half-term studying bible stories from the Old Testament. They will show their work in the form of Art, Drama and Music and the pictures displayed show the stories of God creating the world, Moses in the bulrushes and Noah's Ark.


godmadeworld.JPG             moses2.jpg    

I'm sure you agree Year I Lime and Purple are making an amazing beginning and are ready with their next story for display today - Jonah and the Whale.

Year 1 Parents and Carers need to look out for their Assembly when they will show off their music and drama skills and learning.