A 'Golden' Christmas Dinner

Posted on 21st December, 2016

Year 10 Hospitality Group invite 'Golden Oldies' to Christmas Dinner

After such a successful event last year we could not possibly resist inviting the ‘Golden Oldies’ back for Christmas Dinner here at the Academy.

 The year 10 Hospitality group had watched on the side-lines last year and decided this year it was to be their event. Very quickly they got the menu organised and the shopping list prepared for Mr Reynard and Mr Davies and then realised they needed to make sure an invitation was sent to the Golden Oldies. Mrs Govier was on hand to deliver that and the reply came back as speedily as the event was planned and organised – ‘yes, please’.

After much discussion the group decided the menu would be Broccoli and Stilton Soup with freshly made bread rolls (still to be warm from the oven!), a full turkey Christmas dinner with all the trimmings including stuffing, pigs in blankets and homemade gravy. Just to help ease the pressure dessert would be chocolate orange tarts with a fruit salad as they could be made early in the morning.

The day dawned and the students set to work bright and early preparing food and planning the serving strategy to make sure the visitors all had hot food at the same time and no one was left waiting. Some of the students set up the room and dressed the table to make everything feel really festive and all of a sudden the visitors arrived.

The ‘Golden Oldies’ thoroughly enjoyed their lunch which somehow seemed to last forever as the students sat down with them for a good chat and they exchanged life stories. Such a rewarding experience all the students commented on. They loved hearing about how different in many ways the lives of the ‘Golden Oldies’ was as they grew up.

Ryan – a member of the group said ‘he thoroughly enjoyed the event and how generous in nature and polite the visitors were, he would love to do it again’. ‘There was loads and loads of preparation to do and the group were so busy getting ready’. He feels ‘the group are more prepared for their coursework task next year having worked in a real life kitchen situation'.

We wish the ‘Golden Oldies’ a very Merry Christmas’.