A Scrooge Christmas

Posted on 12th December, 2016

Visit to Experience Christmas ‘Scrooge’ Style

The Speech and Language Group students have spent many weeks studying the novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ written by Charles Dickens and published on 19th December 1843 – a true Christmas time story.

Using her magical skills Miss Bradburn booked a visit to Beamish Open Air Museum for the group to experience exactly what Christmas was like around the time the book was written. This meant an early start for the staff and the students as they had a long journey ahead. The day began in darkness as they set off ready for their ‘magical experience of a Christmas past’.

The first stop on arrival was the pit village exploring the church, the school room and the actual mine. A quick lunch stop for fish and chips (not very ‘Scrooge’ like) meant everyone was refreshed to move on to the 1900’s town for a ‘spot’ of shopping and another refreshment break. This was followed by a tram ride and the chance to play in the ‘snow’!

Having the chance to see what life was like when the book was written and how Christmas has changed from then to now left everyone very thoughtful on the way home. Charles Dickens had written his book with ink and a feather quill onto vellum and now we all use a ballpoint pen and paper or we use a computer !

The whole group did agree that they enjoyed seeing the reindeer during the visit and although they have been in the UK for around 800 years very few people would have actually seen them – so that was an added bonus to the day.