BSCA Student Voice hold their first Meeting this Year

Since our return in September each Year Group and Form has discussed what Student Voice is about and the benefits of being involved before electing their representatives for this academic year,

So this morning they held the first meeting of the academic year that was led by Mr Thomas. Every year group was represented including the primary students. The primary students came in looking very nervous and were made to feel most welcome by everyone and enjoyed meeting the older students.

Mr Thomas highlighted the work of last year’s team from collecting gravy granules for Urban Outreach – Christmas Dinner on Jesus (SV smashed their own target!), to deciding on the end of term rewards to being selected by the Rotary Club to take part in a Leadership course.

Then the new team were then asked to carry out their first tasks -

  • ‘Make a list of how Student Voice will help you during your time at the Academy’
  • ‘Make a list of how Student Voice can impact on Academy life.

All the students were shuffled from their original table to include students from every year group and the brainstorming began. Mr Thomas was left with lots of comments and ideas on large sheets of paper for him to go away and read then feedback to the students at their next meeting.

These comments will then help us to help our students make the most of the ‘life, learning and opportunity’ offered by BSCA. Ready for their next steps in life ….. #NoLimits

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