Armourers Ambassadors Visit

Posted on 14th December, 2016

STEM – Magic Materials (Engineering and Technology)

Manchester University Armourers Ambassadors staff visited the Academy recently to deliver a number of Materials sessions that the students declared that ‘they totally blew away all the misconceptions they had about textiles materials’. They declared ‘it’s all about the materials not clothes or the end product’. The students quickly decided that most things in life such as changing a lightbulb or fixing a car is in fact all about engineering – ‘everything comes from engineering’!

The Armourers Ambassadors - Jack Johnson, Lucy Donora, Dominic Williams, Jade Gilley, Rachel Douglas-Phillips, Vanessa Kawondera were able to give the students the experience on a smaller scale how innovation results in progress and improvements in the field of textiles. Lots of questions were asked about careers in this field and the Ambassadors were able to give lots of advice on the courses on offer at Manchester University.

 Miss Ibrahim thoroughly enjoyed seeing the students so inspired by the Ambassadors and feels it will help them not only to make choices about their future but also to see the impact of progress and innovation on people’s live’s.