Congratulations from Sky Sports

Another certificate has arrived and is proudly on display in our Reception from Sky Sports Living.

The Academy has taken part in the Sky Sports ‘Living for Sports’ project running across the UK and Ireland this year. Over 1,600 schools across the country took part this year resulting in over 100,000 young people getting involved. We have had visits from famous athletes including Claire Cashmore - London 2012 Paralympic Double Silver & Bronze Medallist and world champion Thai boxer Rachael Mackenzie to help our students with their work.

Our students have taken part in a whole range of activities as a result of the programme having opportunities such as becoming qualified football referees and refereeing for local teams at their matches, coaching our primary students to improve their sports skills and coaching at the Saturday morning gymnastics classes held at the Academy.

Sky Sports commissioned independent research to assess the impact of their work with the young people. The result – ‘it has an impact on students, through improvements in self-confidence and being more engaged in school’.

Sadly Sky are no longer going to run the project next year but Athlete Mentor visits to continue to inspire young people through the power of sport.