Creative Composing and Performing

Posted on 8th June, 2017

Creative Composing and Performing Day

  On Tuesday 6th June, 20 Year 7’s attended a Creative Composing and Performing Day at Manchester Metropolitan University. As part of the day, the BSCA students got the opportunity to try out lots of different instruments and make music together.

            During the first activity of the day, students created some really imaginative compositions in small groups, to accompany a story that they wrote using shadow puppets. The students entered a really atmospheric room with dimmed lights at the start, where lots of really decorated and ornate Gamelan instruments were all laid out with cushions for the players to sit on. Before entering the room, they had to take their shoes off, as part of an Indonesian tradition, to show respect to the instruments. Everyone had the opportunity to perform the Compositions that they wrote to the rest of the group, telling their own story using the shadow puppets and through their music. 

After a short break, students went on to what most decided was their favourite activity of the day. They had the opportunity to form their own bands and picked an instrument that they would like to learn within that Band, from either the guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard or singing. On that instrument, they were taught to play ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran, which they heard the teachers perform at the start of the session. After some practice on their instruments, they joined together and practiced as part of their Bands before all getting the chance to perform their work to the rest of the group. The children did a great job in such a short space of time, and I would argue that some of the performances could definitely rival Ed Sheeran himself!

The final activity of the day involved them using different pictures to help inspire a Composition that they wrote in small groups, using different percussion instruments. The students thought carefully about what sounds the different instruments made and what different moods and atmospheres they could create. The students really helped each other out, giving each other feedback and sharing ideas, so by the end of the session they had all created some really imaginative and impressive pieces of music. 

Miss Hall said 'It was great to see all the Year 7’s so engaged in music during the whole day and the buzz and chatter from the students on the bus all the way back to School showed how much they enjoyed the activities. Some of my favourite comments came from Halima Kauser, who said “the whole day was so exciting, I’m speechless,” and Maddison Jones who “enjoyed meeting lots of new people whilst doing some fun activities.” Many of the children asked to stay for longer and do some more when the bus came to collect us at the end of the day! The day was such a great opportunity for students to experience the joy and pleasure of making music using new, modern and innovative resources and they certainly did BSCA proud in their involvement, engagement, confidence and attitudes throughout the day at Manchester Metropolitan University. We would all like to say a big thank you to the staff and teachers at Manchester Metropolitan University for having us and giving us lots of new experiences!'

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