Congratulations to Miss Bailey

At the beginning of September 2015 Miss Bailey - the Year 10 Leader make a huge decision. 

Miss Bailey decided she wanted to find out what studying for a GCSE actually felt like and to prove #youarenevertooldtolearn!. She also decided her challenge was also to study for her GCSE in 12 months and take her exam in Summer 2016.

The next big decision was the subject and as Miss Bailey was part of the Grease cast Drama was the obvious choice.

With the support of Mrs Hill and the rest of the Drama Department Miss Bailey returned to being a part-time student and had to not only complete assignments ON TIME (had to set an example) but also carry out her full-time job in the Academy.

Assessments and assignments completed it was on to the exam and then - the long wait for the result.

Success !!! Congratulations Miss Bailey walked round the Academy on results day with a huge smile on her face - a B grade.

A level next year Miss Bail Well ?Tracy Bailey.jpg