‘Exchanging Notes’ - A thoroughly musical break time

Posted on 5th April, 2017

‘Exchanging Notes’ - A thoroughly musical break time

 Year 9 students created a different vibe at break time by performing their latest composition to everyone in the restaurant today. They had worked with the ‘Brighter Sound’ project at Band on the Wall in Manchester over the last few months learning to play new instruments and how to compose their own music. Miss Smith had taken them there and back as well as spending many hours as they rehearsed for their first public performance. Andy, Kristian and Tomas from Brighter Sound arrived to help the students set up and tune up ready to go!

The music certainly created a vibe as the break time drinks and snacks were consumed, staff and students lingered just a little longer than normal as they tapped their feet and moved in time to the rhythm. Everyone just wishing it would last a little longer …..

After the performance Lana said she didn’t realise ‘how hot you get when you are performing’ and Billy decided that his guitar skills had certainly improved thanks to the project.

As everyone disappeared to their lessons and instruments were taken back to the Music room all that was left was a sound system to unravel, smiling students and memories …… until the next time.

exchangingnotes2.jpg  exchangingnotes1.jpgExchangingnotes3.jpg