Girls Group Celebrate in Style

Posted on 14th February, 2017

Girls Group Celebrate in Style!

 Do you remember seeing the paper flowers Girls Group made a few weeks ago – there were photos on both Facebook and Twitter?

 The flowers were being made to celebrate a special occasion. They held a Bridal Shower for Miss Blackburn who is getting married during the upcoming half-term holiday. Miss Blackburn helped Miss Bradburn, Miss Platt and Miss Nakhuda set up the group and have seen it grow in size and helped the girls raise money for local charities, produce items to sell at the first ever Bolton Teenage Market and most of all the girls grow as young people, be more confident about themselves and work as a team.

As a result it seemed the most natural thing for them to help celebrate with a Bridal Shower for Miss Blackburn. For weeks they had been making things for the day and telling Miss Blackburn they were for a Valentine’s celebration!! (and, sneaking off to personalise the bunting) So with help from the Kitchen staff a truly special celebration was held to wish Miss Blackburn and her future husband every happiness and good health for the future. Not forgetting a sunny day.

We would all like to wish Miss Blackburn a sunny day and a sunny life with her new husband.

Laurenshower2.jpg Laurenshower3.jpg