Golden Oldies Sparkle with Delight

The Golden Oldies sparkled with delight during their day out to Glasform on the Fylde Coast and then to Cleveleys. John Ditchfield, a leading British glassblower, specialises in producing unique glasswork. A look around his studio proved very interesting with lots of beautiful handmade glass on display and everyone was able to watch the glassblowers at work using techniques hundreds of years old. Everyone declared the visit a winner however they had a question for Mr Hawkrigg who had driven them up there in the minibus ….. hmm lunch?

Mr Hawkrigg safely got everyone back on the bus and off they went to the seaside – Cleveleys! First visit – the Fish and Chip shop for lunch, with lashings of hot tea wnet down very well indeed. A stroll down to the beach gave everyone that smell of the sea to round off a lovely day.

The sun stayed tucked away for most of the time but wow! There were certainly some rosy cheeks sat in the back of the minibus on the way back. Mr Hawkrigg has quite a ‘rosy glow’ now and a thoroughly tanned right arm.

The Golden Oldies certainly giggled a lot and remembered their previous trips out with Mr Hawkrigg and the very memorable Christmas dinners cooked by the Hospitality group. They are waiting for their invite to arrive for this year? – well Mr Reynard and the Hopsitlaity group? Please…..

The day was voted a huge success and the Golden Oldies yet again are so proud to be looked after by BSCA in such an amazing way.



 Glass4.JPG Glass3.JPG