Knick,Knacks and crisp snacks

Posted on 19th December, 2016

Knick, Knacks and crisp snacks give them all a home …… Outreach need your crisps from home

You may remember some weeks’ ago we made a plea on Facebook for a witty and catchy slogan to help us collect crisps for our Urban Outreach Appeal. The Academy was challenged by Urban Outreach to collect 5,200 bags crisps towards their Christmas Dinner Appeal and as ever we managed to exceed our target (by 96).

Laura Wilson, mum of Brandon Crook in Year 8 spent the evening she saw the post with her boys trying to come up with a slogan for us and after hours of thinking posted us one on Facebook.

Laura popped in this morning so we could thank her for her hard work and was presented with a box of chocolates by our HR Director, Mrs Claire Wilkinson.

LauraWilson and CW.JPG