Lunchtime at BSCA

Healthy food is at the heart of the Academy as we believe well balanced healthy meals help children of all ages to learn well. All our food is prepared and cooked in our own kitchen by our own team of staff. They are led by Mr Rob Alcock as Executive Chef and Ms Sue Rushton the kitchen manager with qualified chefs and their team behind the scenes and front of house staff serving throughout the day.

All our students eat in the restaurant starting with primary lunch at 11.45am ending with secondary and sixth form lunch at 1.20pm !

The cashless system makes it simple for everyone and saves time so eating lunch and socializing with friends and staff is easier. Staff are usually found in amongst the children enjoying their break too.

The menu changes daily, with a range of snacks such as home-made soup, baked potatoes with fillings, sandwiches available. There is always a free salad bar to liven up that snack or main. Themed days are something to look forward to, so on American Independence Day the menu featured American dishes. Wednesday is always 'Roast of the Week' - we started the year with roast pork.

Students in secondary and sixth form can take advantage of Mr Alcock's 'Meal Deal' each day ensuring they have not only a main meal but also a dessert and a drink.

For those who want to eat outside or need a quick lunch to help them go to a sports event or activity a visit to Level 4 will be important to buy a snack.

Water is always available to stay hydrated either from the vending machine (60p bottle) of from the water foundation.

We are also so proud of Mr Alcock and his team as we have a 5 Star Rating for food hygiene.

foodcollage1.jpg Top left - roast pork lunch, top right - baked potato with beans, bottom left - primary students eating lunch, bottom right - fruit choices