Meet The Beasts - Phobia Day


Phobia - (noun)

an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

 Many of us will recognise these words and can relate them to certain things like animals, heights, touch and smells. Miss Dudley organised a fantastic day for her Sixth Form Psychology Group to explore the types of behaviour and how the mind works when we have a phobia to certain things in our life. She decided to invite into the Academy Dr Stuart Woods who does a great deal of work around the country to help students of all age to overcome fears, improve their social and communication skills in a relaxed and not threatening environment by ‘Meeting the Beasts’

A survey by Time Magazine highlighted the fear of bugs, creepy crawlies & spiders as our No 3 worst fear (fear of death was No 7). So into the Academy came a variety of these animals including a huge snake!

After working with the Sixth Form all KS2 students went to meet the HUGE spider and the snake Dr Woods had brought it. They all got the chance to touch and hold them. ‘They certainly enjoyed the challenge‘ reported Mrs Mearns.

On Monday morning Mr Saunders delivered Mrs Mearns and Year 3 Lime a huge cardboard box reported ‘A large box was delivered to our class with signs on it like Danger, feed carefully, keep this way up but it had already been opened which suggested that the animal had gone missing somewhere in school. The children were so excited at the thought of a strange animals running or slithering about in school. They had to write an explanation text of what the animal might be and how to recapture it’ The green slime on the box was even spotted on the stairs so the mystery remains – What creature was in the box? Where did it go? The class have certainly enjoyed the mystery. Miss Dudley later said I felt the day went really well with the students conquering fears growing in confidence and ‘having a go’ to help them to face challenges that perhaps they haven't tried before. It helped me face my phobia of spiders, however I will not be considering them as a pet.