MIF17 – Manchester International Festival

Posted on 14th June, 2017

MIF17 – Manchester International Festival

Another proud first for our Drama Department and Mrs Hill – our students are recording tracks for the production of ‘Party Skills for the End of the World’ a newly created play that will have its world premiere between 29 June and 16th July as part of the Manchester International Festival.

The play claims to be …..

‘This is a party with a difference.

As turmoil and uncertainty sweep the world, you’ll learn essential skills you’ll need to survive and savour life when everything you’ve taken for granted has gone – from starting a fire and making balloon animals to mixing the perfect Martini and skinning a rabbit. With the collapse of civiliisation close at hand, it’s time to look at all the good things in life and the fear that stops us enjoying them. This wild, immersive show will teach you how to get by when the end finally comes and it’s time to celebrate everything that’s made life worth living …….

The play is created by Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari from the Shunt Collective.

  To create the ‘spooky’ atmosphere Madison Mullen and other students are recreating the famous speeches throughout our modern history. Madison can be seen with Fuchsia Summerfield from The Shunt Collective checking out the speech for her recording – Emmeline Pankhurst’s speech 'Freedom or death' delivered on 13 November 1913. Madison loved recording her speech and despite finding it a challenge ‘I loved every minute speaking the words of such a famous lady her words’.

If you do book to see the play just remember the background words and speeches are all BSCA students. Well done to everyone taking part.

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