Mindfulness and Well-being for Year 13

Posted on 29th March, 2017


Mindfulness and Well- being for Year 13 - cake making with Selina Jane

With the Year 13 exams looming large a small group of Year 13 students thought that an ideal way to improve their ‘mindfulness and well-being’ a creative and inspirational diversion would help.

The cake decorating skills of Selina Jane, a local cake decorating business owner were called in to help the group achieve their goal. Selina Jane will be visiting every Wednesday afternoon for 6 weeks with a series of new and exciting skills to be learnt.

The first session has already taken place with each student taking home a small box of decorated unicorn cupcakes.

First of all the cakes were mixed and put into the oven with the preparation of the decorations whilst the waiting for the cakes to bake.

Fondant icing was rolled, the unicorn ears and cone were created and all assembled to finish the cooled cakes.

The class were totally thrilled with the cakes and after making sure they had cleaned and tidied up they could proudly show off to their family and friends their newly acquired skills.

As well as looking forward to next week Jake Harbour said 'I really enjoyed making the cupcakes and am so excited to make Easter eggs next Wednesday'.

 Cakedec1.jpg   cakedec3.jpg  cakedec2.jpg