National Poetry Day

The Academy celebrated in style with a whole week of activities for all age groups from our youngest to our oldest and staff contributed their favourite poems to add to the variety and show how we all can enjoy different styles of writings. Around the Academy we had supersized copies of the staff choices and we could all enjoy lingering to read them. In lessons students listened to poetry readings, investigated the structure of writing helping them to be inspired and write their own. Our young students went searching for messages in bottles and then Year 4 wote messages to their ‘former self’.

National Poetry Day, is the annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical and aims to help everyone enjoy poetry and encourages us to remember poetry is for life. The day is an initiative of the Forward Arts Foundation, a charity that celebrates excellence in poetry and literacy to promote enjoyment, discovery and sharing of poetry.

Our secondary students had the chance to win prizes taking part in the Poetry Scavenger Hunt with the winners being Darcie Lomax (Year 7), Ellie-Anna Greenside (Year 8) and Jade Lawrence (Year 10).

Do take a look at the pictures from the activities our students and staff were involved in



NP4.JPG NP3.JPG NP2.JPG Blackout poems