‘Norman Conquest and Middle Ages’ Homework Year 7

Posted on 27th June, 2017


Year 7 History Homework Competition - 'Norman Conquest and Middle Ages'


Mr Cooke, Miss Robinson and Mr Bennett are proud to tell everyone about a number of very creative and hard-working Year 7 students who entered the ‘Norman Conquest and Middle Ages’ History Homework competition. Many hours were spent crafting castles, crowns, swords, axes, shields, Black Death first aid kits, town plans and longboats by these students and the adults that undoubtedly gave them a helping hand.

This year the quality and quantity of entries has reached unprecedented levels. Students received Academy Achievement Points for completing the different tasks and the best quality entries of each type, won extra Achievement Points which all contribute towards eligibility for the End of Year Rewards Activities.

So it’s a big well done and thank you to all the Year 7 students who completed this challenge!