Since the Academy opened our primary provision has improved dramatically such that it is now the best in the BL2 area. As a consequence, we have become an increasingly popular choice for parents and their children leading to us being oversubscribed. We have worked hard to secure additional funding to extend our primary school with two extra classrooms, rooms for small group work and an exciting new space - our Dance Hall.

The Dance Hall will be used to develop the curriculum for both our primary students who already have dance lessons with Miss Emma Kay, our secondary students and our sixth form students. It will give the students involved in the ‘Giselle’ ballet project with the English National Ballet Company a brand new performance and rehearsal space. Nathaniel Elechi (Year 9) and Joseph Leake (Year 7) who are both involved with the project are so excited and looking forward to using the hall.

As well as the benefits to the Academy on a daily basis we are proud to be able to offer our community use of the hall. Already we have ‘Fit Mamas’ with Vikki from Direct Fitness. Mum’s come to class with their baby or toddler and exercise together helping Mum regain fitness and being a role model to her child.

We are aiming to encourage any local fitness instructor or business to book and use the facility to promote physical exercise to increase wellness in the local community. We have a number of other courses due to launch in the next few weeks.

Local Morris Dancers AJays meet at the Academy every week and are ready to move into the Dance Hall and take advantage of the mirrored wall to perfect their dancing skills. This group is a perfect example of the Academy providing resources to help our community to thrive.

We are very proud to welcome Claire Cashmore, the Rio 2016 Paralympic Gold and Silver medallist and Rachael MacKenzie, a world champion Thai-boxer to open our Dance Hall on Monday. Claire will talk to us about her career and with our guests watch Nathaniel and Joseph perform their work from ‘Giselle’ and, Year 2 show off their dancing skills. Then she will cut the ribbon!

 Enquiries for bookings to Miss S Rushton

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