Stargazing Live @BSCA

Posted on 29th March, 2017

Stargazing Live at the Academy


Year 13 Science class ended their astronomy BTEC Unit for Science with a stargazing evening at the Academy. The Year 13 met at the Academy at 6:30 and awaited in anticipation for dust to approach. All the students had downloaded the Skyview app (free) as suggested by Mr Davis to help them in search for the different planets and constellations. The first task was to work out the latitude and longitude of each star or planet they had to search for so with the results the search could begin.

All the students joined in, and as the dusk turned into dark waiting for the first star to appear in the night sky began. Everyone used the telescope to take a closer look at the brightest star. Mrs Leese joined the group bringing a treat for everyone which was enjoyed by all as there had been such fierce competition to find the different planets first. The stargazing evening was a huge success with Paisleigh Stewart saying ' I enjoyed the night and enjoyed finding the different planets'. 

You can download the app yourself and take a look for yourself – Skyview (free) for Apple and Android.