Over 900 students took part in a “Stay Safe” day facilitated by teachers at BSCA with students in Primary taking part in sessions covering:

  • E-Safety
  • Stay Safe in the garden
  • Fire Safety
  • Stranger Danger
  • Road Safety
  • Water safety and First Aid
  • Bonfire Safety
  • Staying safe around electrics
  • Health and Hygiene.

 At the same time students in the secondary phase took part in sessions covering 

  • Self Esteem
  • Healthy Relationships
  • The dangers of Sexting

The day was part of the Academy’s ‘Super Learning Day’ initiative which sees a collapsed timetable day each half term to focus on a specific curriculum area. The Stay Safe day draws upon learning in PSHE, Literacy and Language, Science, Technology and Computing.

In the primary phase, pupils met Paramedic Peter Kemp from the North West Ambulance Service who demonstrated how to save a life of someone who may have drowned.

Victoria Hislop, year 5 teacher, had transformed her classroom into a road complete with three different types of crossing: zebra, pelican and ‘Lollipop Person’. Students had to learn to stop, look, listen and think as they navigated their way safely across the ‘road’ as pupils dressed as cars zoomed past.

Our Executive Chef, Rob Alcock and Kitchen Manager, Sue Rushton ditched the washing up in the kitchen for the day to teach the children the importance of hand washing. They had a special UV light and gel to detect the nasty germs on students’ hands.

As students walked into their e-safety session, they very happily gave their password to Mr Partington, Computing Lead at the school. A lesson they soon learned when they explored the dangers of sharing personal and private information with others.

In the secondary phase, pupils were involved in big discussions with ‘Respect Me’ part of The Message family about self-esteem, the media and how these are often distorted.

Everyone involved with the day left with not only more knowledge but some thought provoking ideas about changes they may need to make to help them 'Stay Safe'. Here are a few comments from the day 

Emma Owen, Project Coordinator from Respect ME said, “We have a passion for young people to realise how valuable they are and through our sessions, we aim to equip, empower and build up young people to be the best they can be.

 “It is a great feeling, with half term coming up, knowing that we’ve made sure all of our students are leaving school today knowing more about staying safe, especially with Halloween, Bonfire Night and the colder weather coming up.” Christopher Hill, Deputy Headteacher.

 “I didn’t realise that they [the media] ‘photoshopped’ the pictures before they printed them. It’s mad to think that celebrities don’t actually look like we think they do. I feel much happier about myself.” Caitlyn Taylor, age 12, Year 8.

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