Christmas Dinner Appeal #IAMBSCA

Our IAMBSCA is all about creating a caring community, believing in the community we live in, work in and go to school in and sometimes that community needs our help.

For the last few years Student Voice have collected items to be part of the Bolton Branch of Urban Outreach ‘Christmas Dinner on Jesus’. You may remember our pleas for stuffing and gravy granules. Last year Urban Outreach set us a target of 400 tubs of gravy granules and everybody in the Academy became obsessed with collecting them. We astounded Urban Outreach and ourselves by donating a huge 700 tubs.

So, this year Urban Outreach set us an even harder challenge – 5,200 bags of crisps! The target seemed impossible to reach but many weeks of work has gone into collecting crisps of all flavours from ready salted to salt and vinegar to prawn cocktail.

Phoebe, our Chaplin and Mr Thomas have made many trips to the Urban Outreach warehouse as crisps take up so much space.

We are now proud to announce that after all our efforts throughout the Academy we have again exceeded our target and were able to donate 5,296 bags crisps. Many families in Bolton will now have bags of crisps in their hamper.

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