'That was a superb PE lesson' said Tyler

Posted on 18th January, 2017

‘That was a superb PE lesson’ said Tyler from Year 1

Year 12 are working towards achieving level 3 BTEC Sport and for the Unit 5 Sports Coaching Award the team decided to plan and deliver a PE lesson to Year 1.

After many hours of thinking, planning and making sure they had ‘ticked every box’ in the unit requirements they were ready to present their work to Miss Rushton to make sure they were ready to deliver the plans and be assessed towards the award.

The day arrived for the lesson, the Year 12 class made an early start with a team briefing so each member of the team knew their exactly what their role was and were clear on not only meeting their targets but making sure Year 1 would learn and enjoy the lesson. All the equipment was ready to use, the PE halls were all set out so the lesson got a prompt start, Miss Rushton was ready with her tick list and ipad to record the evidence of their work and Mr Leese (who usually teaches the class) was on hand if he was needed.

Things started off incredibly well with Year 1 getting ready putting their kit and pumps on in 7 minutes not the usual 15 minutes! Mr Leese was so impressed.

The lesson started with a quick warm up and the students were spilt into groups and went off to their activities. Year 12 certainly had high expectations but Year 1 certainly didn’t let them down, trying so hard to achieve everything asked of them, taking turns, accepting advice and being praised for their success.

All too quickly it was time to go back to class and settle to some writing work. Again getting changed was faster with Year 12 helping and all the time telling each other how much they had enjoyed ‘jumping’, ‘dribbling’ and ‘kicking the football. Tyler said ‘That was a superb PE lesson’

Miss Rushton and Mr Leese then reviewed their notes and watched the videos then made sure all the assessment sheets were up to date. Both staff praised all the students highly for their work during the lesson.

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