Wrestling @BSCA

Posted on 7th November, 2016

Wrestling @BSCA

With local East Bolton funding from the Community Empowerment Fund Castle Hill Wrestling Club come into our primary school to work with our Year 5 and 6 students weekly. Ryan Kay, who is an English Wrestling Champion and Eddy Kavanagh, the England Team Manager for the 2018 Commonwealth Games are working hard to not only teach wrestling skills but also pass on the benefits of the sport.

Wrestling is proven to help reinforce positive personality traits, to encourage students to rely on themselves, accept not only success but also failure and, helps to build confidence. It helps children to reach goals in a fun way, be mentally and physical tough as well as respect for others. Healthy diets and tips for a healthy lifestyle also make this sport ideal for children of all ages.

The students all enjoy the sessions and Nelson commented on how he ‘never wants to miss this lesson’ the lesson.

Castle Hill Wrestling Club runs evening sessions for those wishing to take up the sport in a more regular way www.castlehillwrestlingclub.co.uk or ring 07778117167 for more details.

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