Year 11 Futures Day

Posted on 29th November, 2016

Year 11 Futures Day at the Academy

Year 11 spent a whole morning being able to chat to many local employers, representatives from the armed forces (army and navy) as well as colleges and universities from around the north west.

All arrived with lots of questions to ask about opportunities offered by the employers, colleges and universities, and the qualifications they needed to be able to achieve to progress on with their futures.

There were many booklets and leaflets available for year 11 to collect to read in more detail at home and contact details exchanged to help ask more questions should the need arise (there were plenty of ‘freebie’ pens to provide lasting reminders of interesting stalls too).

The day was structured so the students had plenty of time to move round without rushing and have lots of discussions and ask those important questions they had prepared in advance.

Our Hospitality team made sure our visitors had plenty of refreshments during the day to make sure no one lost their voice and a snack lunch to quell their ‘hunger pangs’.

The Sixth Form and our specialist departments were able to visit after lunch and take advantage of investigating possible choices for their futures.

Mrs Bailey (Year 11 Leader) and Mrs Leese (Careers) were both so proud by the end of the day as our visitors had such positive comments to share about our students.

 Mrs Bailey said - ‘On behalf of Year 11 could I say a huge thank you to all who were involved in today’s futures day.  The day was a huge success and it was amazing to see how the Year 11’s engaged in the event.  Having received some feedback from Year 11’s this afternoon it was pleasing to hear the experience of both their futures interviews/futures day has helped them to focus more on the future pathways and what they need to achieve to succeed.

Mrs Leese added ‘the external visitors who attended were also very impressed with the students and felt that they had  quality conversations with our students which were much better than many other schools’.