Year 12 Sport connects with Women in Business

The November Best of Bolton Women in Business meeting connected with Year 12 BTEC Sport. The networking group had a visiting speaker – Robin Hills from EI4Change. His company is a highly specialised training, personal development and coaching company with expertise in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience. It is recognised nationally and internationally and blends learning through workshops and coaching with online programmes.  Robin is often called in to work with an organisation at all levels to align people with strategy concentrating on bringing together the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that lead to improvements in performance inside and outside of work.

Robin made sure his session was very active and quickly had all the ladies talking and negotiating with each other to find out their personality characteristics and where they fitted into the organisation they led. Certainly very interesting when we realised how true the results of the task were – who was creative, who was influential and who was good at attention to detail. With this insight into themselves Robin was then able to use the work Year 12 had displayed around the room. They had worked creatively with Miss Rushton to provide visual displays of personality traits and which were most suited to sportspeople. Their sports psychology unit certainly livened up the morning and I’m sure Robin won’t always have ‘props’ like their posters for his future workshops and talks.