Years10 & 13 Take A Creative Adventure

Posted on 26th January, 2017

Years 10 & 13 Take A Creative Adventure.

It was a dark and frosty Tuesday morning, but a 6.00am start did nothing to dampen the excitement of year 10 and 13 Art and Photography students as they embarked on the long journey to the National Portrait Gallery in London. The students had been advised to bring something warm and cosy to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Nevertheless, it was a surprise to see slippers and fluffy dressing gowns emerging from parents’ cars. Fortunately these concealed smart school uniforms, and shoes were carried in bags along with a week’s worth of goodies to keep them sustained throughout the journey.

Through road works, heavy traffic and foggy weather the intrepid students made their way, and despite arriving a little late, were ready to learn and take on new experiences. The day consisted of workshops in Photography and sketching, but best of all was the chance to get up-close and personal with works of art in the gallery. Students were amazed at exhibits such as a large, lifelike image by Jason Brooks of Paul Nurse, a renowned geneticist and cell biologist. At first sight the image appears to be a photograph but on closer inspection it is actually revealed as a painting of such detail that you can see every pore and hair on his face.



Paul Nurse.jpg

Paul Nurse ‘Paul’ by Jason Brooks. Acrylic paint on linen, 2008

171cm x 271cm 


The work carried out at the gallery will contribute directly to both GCSE and BTEC level 3 projects on the concepts of image and identity, which the students are already studying. They were able to join in interesting discussions on what those concepts mean and how they might be expressed in paintings, photographs and other media. Further investigations and experiments based on ideas developed from the gallery visit will enrich the students’ portfolios. The students were unanimous in agreeing that they wished they could have had more time to really look at the artistic treasures on display and the comment  “it was good, innit” said it all.

lecture on drawing techniques.jpg Trafalgar Sq and national Gallery.jpg