Bennett Cup Tchoukball Year 3/4 2018

Posted on 9th February, 2018

 Bennett Cup Tchukball Year 3 and 4 - What a win for BSCA!

Mr Leese spent a very happy Thursday after school with lots of schoolchildren form local primary schools who competed for the Bennett Cup 2018 for Tchukball.

 7 teams from 5 schools participated – BSCA A, B and C, Tonge Moor, Red Lane, St Peter and Pauls and Moorgate

 The teams were split into 2 groups -

Group A - BSCA A, Tonge Moor, Red Lane and BSCA C         

Group B -  BSCA B, St Peter and Pauls and Moorgate

 BSCA A were the winners of their group and with 2 wins and a shock defeat against an all Year 3 BSCA C team. Runners-up were Tonge Moor

BSCA B won group B with Moorgate runners-up

 The first semi-final saw BSCA A muddle through against Moorgate by 5-3 with the 2nd semi-final seeing BSCA B edge out Tonge Moor by 6-5. A remarkable achievement considering BSCA B had played throughout with 2 players short  

 3rd/4th place match – Tonge Moor quickly made their mark against their neighbours Moorgate and won by 5-0.

 So to an all BSCA final, with both teams from the same school. BSCA B borrowed 2 players from the C team to restore parity and hopefully produce a closer contested final.

That proved the case with BSCA A edging out the B team by 5-3. BSCA A were the winners.

Year 4 Bennett.JPG