Christian Aid Week 2018

For over 70 years, along with their amazing supporters, Christian Aid have been helping change the lives of people of all faiths and no faith in the poorest communities around the world. Christian Aid tackles the root causes of poverty so that women, men and children all over the world are strengthened against future knocks. If a disaster happens Christian Aid get the help to the people that need it as quickly as possible.

Here at BSCA our students are keenly fund raising to help with ‘Building Homes and Hopes for Haiti’ by encouraging the students and staff to buy a brick to help with the building of new homes lost in the recent devastation on the island. The bucket collection will help to buy equipment to help with rebuilding the homes too.

Our Primary students have been learning about being ‘light in the world’ by attending Neon Parties at lunchtime and have raised £124 towards the Academy total.

If you wish to support this week please see the students outside the Reflection space at lunchtimes.

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