Duke of Edinburgh Students Go Out Walking

Posted on 5th March, 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Experience Walk

Eight students braved the weather on Sunday to complete their first experience walk ready for the ‘real’ thing as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Mr Hill and team had agonised about the conditions but taking everything into account the walk was on!.

Quick refresher on the route, check the map skills and hop in the minibus then a journey to Rivington ready for the off. Molly and Louise were leaders for the first leg of the walk, following the map and guiding the rest of the group, handing over to Corey and Alfie for the second leg. When it came to the third leg with Hannah and Sophie as leaders Jasper, (Mr Alcock’s dog) decided he would demonstrate the safest contours for everyone to follow. Finally Beryl and Millie led the group back to the minibus.

Along the route a stop at the Japanese Gardens was a must to check out Bolton's heritage as well as seeing the frozen water in the lakes and streams and to watch with awe the speed of the waterfall as the thaw had started. Another stopping point was to experince the emergency tent - how quickly the team could open it and crawl inside should it ever be needed in the future.

Mr Hill and all the staff that went along felt really proud of the students as for many of them it was the first time they had been out walking and never had the chance to lead a group before. A quick stop for a hot lunch and everyone went home – with muddy washing and a lot less energy but ready for the ‘real’ thing to happen.

Walk3 4thmarch.JPG       Walk2 4thmarch.JPG