‘East meets West’ GCSE Art Visit to Conway Centre

Posted on 30th January, 2018

‘East meets West’ GCSE Art Visit to Conway Centre

Some of the Year 11 GCSE Art Group and Miss Lawton travelled to the Conway Centre in Anglesey last weekend for what was a very intensive and rewarding visit.

 BSCA shared the residential experience with students from St James’s CE High School, Westhoughton High School and Turton School. All of them travelled to Wales after a day at school and after tea the work began with 2 hours preparation for an early start on Saturday morning.

 Students were split into groups with the BSCA students assigned to work with Lyn Poland (who specialises in drawing, painting and printmaking and has her own gallery) and Sarah Forster (who specialises in Fine Art with an emphasis on textiles). So Saturday continued with very brief stops for lunch and tea with tired and weary staff and students not finishing until well after it had gone dark.

Sunday was just as gruelling with students finishing off their final pieces of art work, completing their written support sheets and setting up their work for display. Everyone had the opportunity to visit the workshops they had not attended to see the work and take inspiration from what they saw for their own future pieces. Seeing how others had interpreted the theme of the weekend – East meets West gave food for thought.

 The students agreed they had learnt so much about their artistic capabilities and produced in one weekend what they produce in a whole term at school. They loved the environment and the chance just to carry on working without having to pack up, set up and start again each lesson. Working with artists who spend all day every day working on pieces also helped them gain another insight into improving their own work.


Our students were wowed by the weekend knowing the work they were taking away work that would count towards their final GCSE grade and hope they can go again next year and the image in their mind of Miss Lawton being their human face model they will never forget.


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