Friendship Week

Posted on 29th January, 2018

BSCA Primary Celebrate Friendship Week

Friendship Week in Bolton St Catherine’s Academy Primary School began with everyone coming together at assembly time to explore the idea of getting on together. Mr Watson set challenges for the week to encourage compassion, empathy and action highlighting the importance of individuality and uniqueness.

Rev Wendy Oliver from Christ’s Church, Harwood came on Tuesday morning to make the students aware of the story of the Good Samaritan.  Everyone was encouraged to help people who are in distress whenever possible and even just a smile or a hello can make such a difference to people they know. She stressed the importance of not making judgements about people can help us grow as people and be better human beings.

Wednesday was a busy day with an assembly all about creating a recipe for Friendship. Molly in year 4 said this was her favourite day and described her recipe for friendship as kindness + love + understanding + respect. While just to prove how unique and individual everybody is all the school had been invited to come to school in odd socks – so everyone will remember Wednesday as ‘Odd Socks’ day. Even the staff wore odd socks and even Mrs Watson showed hers off putting a pair over her tights!

Ryan also from Year 4 described his favourite day as being ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ – everyone had to design and decorate a small stone or pebble that could be left hiding - for a new friend to collect as they passed by. Mrs Watson’s words ‘always be more kind to people’ are firmly in Ryan’s bank of happy memories.

Finally Friday arrived with a huge celebration assembly to launch the ‘Friendship Stop’ poster competition. The competition entries are coming in and we are looking forward to announcing the winner and having their poster printed and displayed so if anyone is feeling happy and wants to share their great news or even feeling sad they know where to go feeling brave to reach out to friends.