From Local Sportsperson to International Sportsperson

Posted on 8th November, 2017

From Local Sportsperson to International Sportsperson

 A chance meeting led to Rhyce Ramsden being introduced to Owen Coyle Jnr, Head Coach of  The England Amputee Football Association and from that minute Rhyce hasn’t had time to to sit back and rest. Rhyce, now a Year 12 student at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy has loved sport, any sport since he arrived in Year 7. Nothing at all has held him back and he never misses an opportunity to strive for his best performance and has recently been out climbing and off- road cycling with British Cycling much to everyone’s amazement. He certainly keeps the staff busy writing risk assessments at the Academy.

Rhyce was invited almost immediately to a training weekend for the England Amputee Football squad and instantly was offered a place on the squad! Next came being signed up to the Manchester City Squad and things seemed ready to offer Rhyce a more competitive side of football for him to play in and gain experience. Suddenly he was invited to the European Amputee Football Championships to be held in Istanbul, Turkey.

We followed Rhyce avidly throughout the matches, winning through to the quarter finals, then beating Spain into the semi-finals and facing Turkey in the final. Sadly the team lost by one goal ( Turkey 2 – England 1).  We kept our Twitter account busy, sending our good luck and congratulations as the tournament progressed so everyone could support the team.

Rhyce is now back, settling into life, studying for his A Levels and even more determined to be successful in life. He can be found with a smile from ear to ear, medal round his neck, bouncing up and down, performing somersaults on the trampoline!

He is very modest about his achievement and still struggling to believe the experience he has just had – ‘until that meeting just a few months ago I was just an ordinary person and now my life is just unbelievable’ His friends are in awe of how quickly is life has developed from local Bolton lad to international football player and he has very much become their role model.

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RhyceRamsdenCity.jpgRhyce with his fellow Manchester City players