Girls Group Create Poppy Remembrance Arches

Posted on 6th November, 2017

 Girls Group Create Poppy Remembrance Arches


Last year Val Hulme from Bolton at Home and Christine Baldwin, the Asda Community Champion pledged to support community groups in Bolton to design and create a Remembrance Installation featuring the poppy.

Our Girls Group decided they would love to be involved and create a BSCA Poppy Installation.

 They began saving plastic bottles ready to get started and with help from Val Hulme, Christine Baldwin and Mrs Bradburn work got underway. Mrs Bradburn – Mum to Miss Bradburn, our Speech and Language Therapist has also led the project being created at Walmsley Church.

After some health and safety lessons the girls started work. The base of each bottle was cut off, the base painted red and then shaped into the distinctive poppy shape using a heat gun. When all the poppies were dry button were added to give the black centre.

The girls then learnt how to bend the twigs by softening them in water so they could achieve the shape they wanted, then the poppies were wired onto them.

The display is now proudly installed on our Main Reception desk for all entering and leaving to enjoy and stop to remember those lost in the conflicts around the world.


You may also buy a poppy from our Reception Desk to wear with pride.


The project was originally funded by the national lottery who are incredibly pleased with the ways it’s grown and has gathered interest from many sources including Lancashire life.  Girl’s Group are hopeful that they will see their poppies in an edition very soon!